Make money with Veamcast!

Become a Veamcast Broadcaster!
Veamcast broadcasters can publish original content or curate the best content about your channel topics from sites like Youtube. Trial and paid users can make money by promoting advertising campaigns that pay them directly. Veamcast makes online marketing is a fast, fun and lucrative activity.
If you have a Windows 10 computer, an internet connection and some time to spend curating the best content on the internet and recommending it to your peers, then join us now! Build a following! Create a movement! Share your imagination!
Steps to become a Veamcast Broadcaster:
  • Signup for the beta program, install Veamcast and create an account using your email or Facebook account
  • Create a channel about a topic you're passionate about
  • Select and add content for your channel
  • Promote your channel.
    • Links on your social media
    • your friends and contacts
    • Facebook groups
  • Join Clickbank, an affiliate program or partner with a business that wants to drive targeted traffic to their website.
  • Build a following
  • Keep an eye on your stats
  • Create more channels
  • Find alternate revenue
notes: -you will be paid directly from Clickbank, your affiliate or your partners for your ads. -more info and links about affiliate marketing and driving traffic will be posted. -if you have good info or links or if you want to partner, please let us know at

Use Veamcast to broadcast to digital signage
Promote your business or create a business promoting other businesses. An inexpensive computer with a broadband stick can be made into a digital sign that can be installed in stores and malls, hotels and resorts, movie theaters, waiting rooms, restaurants... anywhere there are eyeballs.... The channel looped through can be controlled remotely. Use Veamcast to promote the business and build a list. - a future version of veamcast will have the ability to act as a kiosk and allow people to sign up with their email addresses and/or send video/voice mail
Alternate ways to generate revenue with Veamcast:
Sell ads directly to a business for sending people their way. This strategy works well for local businesses if you are using your real Facebook account for this since the pepole you know are most likely to be local. Building a local following and advertising for a local business is a winning strategy. If you begin doing this and contact us at and inform us of your campaign and your area, we will do our best to prioritize local traffic to your channel.