Make money with Veamcast!

Become a Veamcast Broadcaster!
Veamcast broadcasters can publish original content or review/curate/comment on/report any content on the Internet. Their posts can contain ads which they can use to promote anything (subject to review). Users can make money by creating advertising campaigns. Premium users can create campaigns that pay them directly.* Veamcast makes online marketing is a fast, fun and lucrative activity.
If you have a Windows computer, an internet connection and some time to spend curating the best content on the internet and recommending it to your peers, then join us now! Build a following! Create a movement! Share your imagination!
How to get started:
  • Install Veamcast for Windows and create an account.
  • Create a channel about a topic you're passionate about.
  • Select, rate and add content for your channel.
  • Promote your channel.
    • Links on your social media.
    • Your friends and contacts.
    • Facebook groups
  • Join an affiliate program or partner with a business that wants to drive targeted traffic to their website. *
  • Build a following and keep it vibrant.
  • Keep an eye on your stats.
  • Create more channels.
  • Find alternate revenue.
* Eventually our Platinum users will be paid directly from Clickbank, or their affiliate partners but we are not ready for that. We haven't established collections or pricing yet. We're seeking early adopters to join our Gold program in which we partner with on on campaigns and share revenue and costs. We'll work together to establish the best practices.

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