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welcome screen

will evolve into live tiles... top bar can be hidden


content addressed directly to the user (i.e. personal messages and alerts)

compose tool bar

zoomed... top row mostly implemented... room for other options through APIs and partnerships

record video

we currently use a very basic recorder. we plan to purchase a package with zoom, editing and effects support or partner with someone and upsell their upgrade.

record voice

easier to edit than video... better editor will be implemented

playlist can have many items

user has recorded a video and a voice message. more editing options will be added

attach photos, video, documents...

attached files are converted to the proper format to play on the web or are presented for download. more options will be added

search and attach from other sites...

we can create custom interfaces or display content directly from source

search and attach from other sites...

we can attach anything from anywhere as long as we have permission and access

search and attach from other sites...

credit and links are given to original owner in our interfaces

share with contacts

anyone connected to you automatically searchable. address books can be imported.

share on social networks

both app and website are tightly integrated with social media. channels can be sync'd with facebook pages

publish to channels

as simple as sending email

veams synchronize...

sync on schedule or on demand...content can be created or consumed offline

channels subscribed

subscribed channels will cache partially on schedule or via alerts (depending on config) and then while playing

channel subscription

opportunity to monetize content both thru ads and subscription fees (future plans for partnerships with content providers)

channels discovery

top channels will be celebrated and promoted

channel creation

app player

high quality without streaming (but also can stream if user prefers or situation warrants)

easy to use

user interface needs little or no instruction or translations

web player

veams can be played on any html5 capable phone, tablet, pc or tv

web share

both app and website are tightly integrated with social media

download now

launch funds needed