Veamcast is pre-beta!
Despite being approved by the Facebook App Review, Facebook has shut Veamcast off without any guidance as to why and have taken other action to thwart us. We have to resolve these legal issues or remove all the Facebook functionality before we can launch. Click here here to learn more.
Install Veamcast for Windows 10
Install the Android alpha
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setup file should be downloading now...
please note: veamcast is pre-release software
system requirements:
windows 10
4GB or more of memory is recommended.
a webcam and/or microphone is recommended

by installing this software, you are agree to the terms of
the 'veamcast end user license agreement' available for review here.

information about uninstalling veamcast is available here.

the veamcast privacy statement is available here.
download size: ~40MB

veamcast is beta software.
feedback is greatly appreciated.
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