Help us create a user moderated Internet and profit from it.

Veamcast is an alternative web browser with a built in email client/publishing tool.  It's designed for touch, voice and camera integration.   It allows you to quickly and easily send video, voice, photos and attachments.   Create channels and monetize them.  Manage your own content and subscribers.  Thrive without getting de-platformed or de-monetized. 

We're just ramping up so, if this piques your interest, give it a try.   The Windows version is complete enough to communicate and publish channels (although still an early beta).  Help us figure out the browser features that will create an equitable user moderated internet.

  The Android version is an early prototype written using Microsoft MAUI.NET which will eventually do what the Windows version does but better and for all platforms (Windows, iOS, Android, Mac).


Download Veamcast for Windows

Limited beta program.  Free for personal use.  

  1. BROWSE- in a state of art web browser written that uses the same engine as both Edge and Chrome.  Tell us what you want in a browser interface! Try it now!
  2. VIDEO EMAIL AND MORE - Easily record, attach or link to any type of content, video, audio, files quickly. share it all with your friends via email, social media or publish it to your channels...The potential of add-on features and partnerships is endless... Suggest some! Try it now!
  3. COMMENT RATE AND SHARE - Let everyone know what you like and why.  Join the conversation.   Find the best and shine the light on it.  Try it now!
  4. PUBLISH AND MONETIZE - Bring your content to Veamcast and own it.  Keep it where it is now but move it in and bring your users. Keep your viewers engaged.

Veamcast Business Model

Veamcast is free for personal use (with limits on bandwidth and storage)

Veamcast can be downloaded and used for free by anyone. 
Non paying Veamcast users are currently hosted on Amazon Web Services and we will monetize their traffic with advertising offering users a choice when possible and favoring local business promotion when possible.   To begin with, we'll use that space mostly to promote Veamcast.

  Our plan is to allow paid users to host their content on the various cloud services available.  They will be able to use their own branding, place their own ads and they will establish their own terms of service (which as Parler proved, can be overridden by the cloud). 

Veamcast is a software as a service (SAAS) company and will only assume responsibility for free users who we'll host on our social network. 

Our paid user will own their own accounts on those clouds leaving all Section 230 liability to them and ultimately the cloud provider.  Our users can move their content to another cloud or server if they're banned by a cloud.  So while we agree with the AWS decision to remove Parler, we don't like that they unilaterally have that ability.

Veamcast users will be able to publicly report content anywhere on the Internet that violates the law and we'll make that searchable so in essence we'll be crowd moderating the entire Internet.  The Veamcast browser will warn users of sensitive content reported by fellow users.   User generating content with Veamcast can tag their own content if it's unsafe for children, work or just requires general discretion.

We also plan to give our paid users various options to monetize their content which should result in a much better deal for them than the one given by YouTube or Facebook.

We plan to establish a system of equitably dividing revenue between advertiser, broadcaster and copyright owners. We plan to index all public Veamcast content, make it searchable and submit it to other search engines.   

See how it works

How and why to use Veamcast... (coming soon).

Download Veamcast for Android

Early preview.   Send and receive video/voice/photos, make calls and more!

Our Manifesto

No one should be silenced without due process, yet no one should be forced to show content they deem objectionable.

Social Media is Media.  Filtering hate speech and obscenity is not censorship.  It's decency.   

Speech should not be silenced because it questions something we know to be true. Truth must challenge falsehood by making itself clear.  If we stifle opposing thought, we'll perish when the majority turns out to be wrong.  Something that is wrong must be challenged with evidence or well thought opposing views. 
Veamcast allows people to create and publish as well as comment, rate and share content from any website. It allows any type of content to be created and shared. We fully expect people to be critical of a lot of it. We expect them to comment on it and we don't expect it all to be respectful. But lines must be drawn and we must draw those lines as a collective community and not leave it to the social media companies and/or cloud providers. Algorithms can help but they should be transparent in their intent.

Veamcast enables moderation in a public forum.

Illegal and offensive content will be blocked but discussion about why will continue. 

Copyrights belong to the creators and the spoils should be shared to those who bring the viewers in an equitable way.

Local news and events should promote local businesses.  Local advertising should be encouraged and given priority.

Our Privacy Policy

Your browsing history, search history and favorites are stored locally on your device and we do not sync or share that data at all.

For our beta product, we are offering no guarantee of privacy for communication sent through Veamcast and we may never be able to. Since the content generated by Veamcast can be stored on various clouds and the notifications sent via email, we could never be any more secure than the clouds and email services are.

Currently, Veamcast is not the right tool to use for messages which contain info which could be damaging if made public.  It's just not the right tool for that purpose.

Veamcast will not sell, disseminate, disclose, trade, transmit, transfer or share any personally identifiable information to any third party not specifically authorized by you to receive your information except as we have disclosed to you in this Privacy Policy.

When you register using Veamcast, you will provide us with certain personally identifiable
information including your email address. Email sent using the Veamcast product is sent using your name and email address so people you send the messages to can view that information (this works the same as regular email).

At any time, if you wish to no longer receive correspondences via email, please contact us via the address listed on our contact page.

Changes in Our Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy without providing you with advance notice of our intent to make the changes.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us at the information available on our contact page.


Feedback is always appreciated.


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